Your Journey begins here with Little T

Hello, My name is Little T. I am a medium. Yes, I talk to dead people or more so they talk to me. I just pass the message on to the right person. In case you are wondering how I get my information that’s a great question that I can’t answer that you will understand. All I can say is I just know the information. I hear one word phrases also. The main thing is I feel the persons emotions. For example, if I am reading you, the spirit starts crying, so do I. Give me a call to see for yourself what the spirits have to say to you. Remember spirits are humans with out bodies.

I have been seeing spirits since I can remember. My first memory is when I was about 6. I fall out of my mom’s car after she told me NOT to lean on the door. We all know how kids listen real well. Yes, I leaned on the door, out I went to the black top. I don’t know how fast she was going, but when I fall out I was on a stretcher going down a black tunnel. Spirits were on the left and right of me trying to grab at me. There was a beautiful white light at the end of the tunnel. The light said “just keep looking at the light, don’t be scared”. I got to the end of the tunnel where the light was. It was so bright. The light was so warm and loving, than I heard “you have to go back, your not done yet”. That was the start of my life!


A reading with Little T

I have a special going on right now for 10 minutes for 10 dollars. I also offer 30 minutes for 60 dollars or an 60 minutes for 120.00 I accept Venmo and Cash app. Having a party?? Why not have a Medium there?? I just need a 2 week notice of when the party will be. I charge 30 dollars a person. I require a deposit of 90.00 dollars.


Join Little T and Jennifer Green for a FREE reading @ 267 436 4876 on Thursday nights