Psychic Little T
Changing Lives One at A Time


I am Psychic  Little T.  From birth I have felt and seen spirits. Many times I would say things that shocked people. I just KNEW the answers they were looking for but had not asked about. When I was young I thought I was just crazy as no one else around me seemed to be experiencing the same "other worldly" interactions. For years, I ignored the intrusions, but finally grew in understanding this is a gift and became more open to allowing them in and improved my understanding of their language. Many. many. times over and over...things have just popped out of my mouth that rang true for other people. I have lost friends due to this but gained so many more others. I made the decision to let the Universe guide me in using my gifts to help others. I have changed so many lives by just simply using my gifts. This is my life's calling! I see and hear spirits 24/7 and i now offer hope to people that need it. I have read for people all over the world with amazing accuracy. that even surprises me sometimes and I am blessed to be able to share my gifts to help them. 

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