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Undiscovered Diamonds by Dr. Rick Clifford “I am a diamond”  

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Two psychic for the price of FREE.
Join Little T and Jennifer Green for a FREE reading @ 267 436 4876 Call in with your million dollar question. OR call privately for a paid reading. Jen and I both have specials going on for 10 minutes for 10 dollars.

Hi My name is Little T. I am a Medium. I have been seeing spirits, hearing them, and feeling there emotions since I can remember.  I feel this is a special gift from God that I can help people connect to passed love ones. I do a Internet radio show with my co host Jennifer Green and wonderful producer “Shock”. We talk about different things each week. What we both love to do is give readings on the air. Please give us a call at 267 436 4876 ask us your question!

You can call me for a personal reading at 609 320 7912. If I don’t answer please leave a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  I accept text messages also. 

Most haunted Link   Find your most haunted place in your state.


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A reading with Little T

I have a special going on right now for 10 minutes for 10 dollars. I also offer 30 minutes for 60 dollars or an 60 minutes for 120.00 I accept Venmo and Cash app. Having a party?? Why not have a Medium there?? I just need a 2 week notice of when the party will be. I charge 30 dollars a person. I require a deposit of 90.00 dollars. My email is

$10.00– If you are coming to NJ to visit check out this site.  Rock with the Shock is my Dad. He is a great radio personal. I have learned from the best!

I am a member of Holistic Business Association.