I had my reading Thursday and I must say I’m at a loss for words. Tami (aka Little T) really validated a lot of things that wowed me! Prior to calling I was so scared to what might come out of this but after my call it has made me feel so good to know my loved one is so close to me… ALL THE TIME!!! I shed some tears but also had some laughs, I will say it has left me yearning for more. I know some day again I WILL BE CALLING TAMI AGAIN. Not only did I connect with my loved one but I feel like I’ve connected with Tami.. like it’s meant to be!! I can’t thank Tami enough it really has been the greatest experience of my life.. Thank you again Tami and I’ll definetly be talking to you again soon.  Jacci (Florida)

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Hi My name is Little T. I am a Medium. I have been seeing spirits, hearing them, and feeling there emotions since I can remember.  I feel this is a special gift from God that I can help people connect to passed love ones. I do a Internet radio show with my co host Jennifer Green and wonderful producer “Shock”. We talk about different things each week. What we both love to do is give FREE readings on the air. Please give us a call at 484 326 2804 ask us your question!

You can call me for a personal reading at 609 320 7912. If I don’t answer please leave a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  I accept text messages also.  

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Rockwiththeshock.com-  Rock with the Shock is my Dad. He is a great radio personal. I have learned from the best!